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Well hello there!

I am Amanda and I am the face/creator behind the name MillieMollieMiles.

Millie Mollie Miles was started in 2017, it was just a mum to market set up, but now it has grown to take over my garage at home (No more man cave!!!). I have gone from sewing your baby bibs and teethers and grown with my 2 very beautiful children have. MillieMollieMiles grew out of “baby” goodies when I decided to invest in a laser cutter. I have never looked back. Now I have grown more and have 2 laser cutting/engraving machines and a CNC machine.

I have made it my mission to create quality items from high quality materials. Using quality products, I proudly create unique personalized gifts for you and your loved ones. I love to make and create new pieces for you all to enjoy. My passion for this grows stronger every day to recreate that feeling for you also.

I decided to call my business MillieMollieMiles as I always wanted 3 children – 2 girls and a boy and these were to be there names (my children are not actually called these names; it did turn into a family joke after a while).

The happiness I feel every time I receive an order is such a lovely feeling – someone is supporting ME and MY little business, I’m so grateful you choose me to create something for your special moment or special gift.

Thank you for choosing me and supporting my dream.

Amanda xo



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