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Whether you're a devoted bookworm or a casual reader, this marker not only keeps your page, it's the perfect companion for your favourite novels, and a thoughtful gift for book lovers.

Measuring approx. 16cm x 5cm wide and engraved onto 4mm plywood.
If you are wanting a custom request, feel free to ask!

Please note, the wood grain may vary in each board, with lighter or darker grains, knots etc, this is not considered a fault in the timber, just a reflection of its natural beauty. Engraving appearance will vary in colour and appearance over the grain also.
NZ$ 7.00
  • Between the Pages
  • You can't buy happiness
  • Fell Asleep Here
  • When it Comes to Reading
  • I'd Rather
  • Shhhhhhh
  • The end
  • I read Way past
  • Books take you
  • Find beauty
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