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Tooth Hangers

Tooth Hangers
Welcome the Tooth Fairy into your home with our Tooth Fairy Door Hanger!
Rest easy knowing that your little one's tooth is safely tucked away for the magical Tooth Fairy to collect. Adding a little sprinkling of fairy dust to your child's night - it doesn't get more magical than that! If you are wanting a custom request, feel free to ask
Size: 25cm x 12cm
Features a pull string bag where the children place their tooth and then also receive their tooth fairy money.
Please note, the wood grain may vary in each board, with lighter or darker grains, knots etc, this is not considered a fault in the timber, just a reflection of its natural beauty. Engraving appearance will vary in colour and appearance over the grain also.
NZ$ 10.00
  • Tooth Hanger - In this Pocket
  • Tooth Hanger - Dear Tooth Fairy
  • Tooth Hanger - Tooth Fairy, Tooth Fairy
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